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Luzanne Nel

Woman in Waiting

A Wilderness Journey of Faith & Hope

Now available!

In this beautiful and encouraging autobiography, Luzanne Nel shares her parallel journeys of becoming a woman of faith, ministering to other women, while waiting and longing to become a mother. She bravely shares her personal battles with infertility, self-doubt and the physical pain of fibromyalgia with raw and brutal truth. Her victorious testimony is truly powerful and will undoubtedly help other women lift their eyes with new hope and expectation to Abba Father who is always faithful and always makes everything work together for His good.


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Luzanne Nel is the founder of Naba’ Ministries, a women’s ministry that was birthed from her passion to pamper and pray for women.


She is the proud mommy of Kirah Rose and Yoshua Dani’el. They live in beautiful Cape Town, South Africa.

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