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Discover Your Amazing Brain - Dr Charléne Heyns-Nell

An easy guide to understanding your brain and improving your life


  • Rationalise your feelings, thoughts, and actions, even in the worst of situations.
  • Optimise your memory.
  • Live a healthier life.


Through a neuroscientific lens, this well-researched book provides deeper insight into the interconnectedness of your amazing brain, your mind, and your body’s intricate systems and processes. This book is truly easy for anyone to read and understand.


Learn how…

  • your thoughts and emotions work in unison with your five senses,
  • your thoughts can be flawed, from distortions to disorders, and
  • to analyse and correct your own mind–body processes with practical, easy-to-follow techniques.


Dr Charléne Heyns-Nell is a Neurofeedback practitioner, brain researcher, and strategist. She is the founder of Neuroscience Institute for Business, where she and her team help private clients and individuals within organisations to optimise brain performance. She is also a professional speaker to corporations (both public and private), educational institutions, and churches. Dr Charléne lives in Cape Town, South Africa. She is married and the mother of two daughters.

Discover Your Amazing Brain

  • Format and No. of pages

    Paperback, 148 pages

  • Genre

    Non-fiction, self-improvement

  • ISBN (Printed book)


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