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Julita’s life has always revolved around music.  She is currently one of the most familiar names in the Christian music industry in South Africa, where she has discovered, managed, influenced and marketed hundreds of artists and organised countless events, locally and internationally, throughout many years in the industry. To get there, though, she paid the price and journeyed with God, trusting and obeying His voice, every step of the way. We follow her from humble, painful beginnings to a place where she now lives for every moment that God guides her in a new, exciting direction, regardless of where each journey might take her… literally.


My Life Song is packed with testimonies and takes us back to the essential basics of our faith. This easy-to-read, light-hearted book is honest, shocking, funny, and above all, inspiring. Her story is a testament to how God truly makes everything work together for good, if we would just trust Him. Her story is also a testament to how God deeply and intimately loves and values each person. Including you!


Julita Lambrechts is the CEO of NueLight, Director of Worship SA and Join Bands Not Gangs, amongst others, but free to do whatever the Lord tells her to. Nothing more, nothing less. She is the mother of three and grandmother of three and lives in beautiful Kleinmond, South Africa.

My Life Song - An Autobiography

  • Author

    Julita Lambrechts

  • Format and No. of pages

    Matt Laminate, 264 pages

  • ISBN (Printed book)


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