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Stephnie Diederiks

Lead Me to Your Tranquil Waters
A Journey of Restoration through the Psalms

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Genre: Christian non-fiction

Format: Hardcover Journal

Pages: 442

Praising, praying, and journaling through the Book of Psalms.

You have never experienced the Psalms this way! Journey through the Psalms where each of the 150 Psalms' essence is captured in a poem, a powerful prayer, and journaling space to write down what the Lord works in your heart as you ponder each Psalm. 


Learn more about the five books that make up the book of Psalms with the golden thread of Psalm 23 running through each book.

Each of the five books starts with a new theme, a beautiful full-colour divider, and a special song. The themes are: Salvation, Supplication, Intimacy, Maturity, and Hope and Endurance.

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"The book of Psalms can be used for our own practical spiritual life, not only to read through, but to pray and proclaim the written word daily over our lives. It will also help us to build a deeper and more intimate relationship in our inner room through the words that He Himself has given us in His word."  


"The Psalms address our entire humanity with regard to God’s trustworthiness and His promises. The Book of Psalms describes God’s love, faithfulness, mercy, and justice. In times of trouble and distress we must know of His presence that surrounds us. This book also makes us realise that there is a God who will answer and change things. Thus, it can transform our experiences in life, not because things necessarily become lighter or easier, but because God is with us in times of darkness and tribulation."


"We must know that God is the centre of life, the centre of all that exists. That is why we read in Psalm 1 that true happiness will be found by making Him the centre of your life and putting Him first."

Declare, worship, and pray your way through the Psalms with this beautiful journal, consisting of 460 pages. Perfect as a special gift to a loved one.

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Stephnie Hadassah Diederiks is married to Japie and they have two beautiful young sons, Janco and Stephan, their pride and joy! 

Cost: R462 (excluding delivery)


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