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Dr Kobus Theron

The Kingdom Way of Life


With this life-changing practical, easy-reading book filled with colour images, Scripture and practical advice, Dr KOBUS THERON aims to inspire and equip each reader to embrace a new lifestyle that Jesus Christ proclaimed and taught. This lifestyle, which he passionately calls The Kingdom Way of Life, focuses on the kingdom of God. Visit Kobus's website at for more information.

** Click below to order your copy or phone Karen at 082 464 3760.

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It provides nearly 400 pages filled with relevant and highly inspirational, life-enriching information, amplified by more than 100 full-colour illustrations, confirmed by more than 800 Biblical Scriptures.


It explains the Kingdom Way of Life, the way that Jesus Christ lived on earth, the original way Father God designed us to live, the way the author believes is the ultimate solution for human living.



It is a practical and Biblical principle-based guideline for any person who aspires to achieve long-lasting success and happiness in every aspect of life.



It reveals, step by step, the five basic meanings of the kingdom of God.


It explains the narrow gate to enter the kingdom of God on earth, and the major signs that prove we have entered.


It teaches the major ways to discern the voice of the Spirit of God within our hearts.



It shows the different ways that the indwelling Spirit of Christ intends to help believers to live life victoriously and fulfil our divine purposes successfully.



It reveals the major life-enriching consequences of each of the major kingdom principles highlighted in this book.


It introduces a practical, step-by-step guideline to share the gospel of the kingdom of God with others.


It shows the 12 different ways and spiritual gates to connect and fellowship with God and have life-altering encounters with Him.



It explains the two phases of kingdom living and how to identify the phase we’re currently in.



It is a book that can serve as a handy guideline and study material for personal devotions, churches, Bible-study groups, work teams, married couples, parents, businesses and any other honourable organisations.

Twelve Reasons why The Kingdom Way of Life
should be studied & shared

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