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Marina Olivier

Stilettos, Sandals, Barefoot
(Hakskoen, Platskoen, Kaalvoet)

This book is an exciting (and a little romantic) poem-infused autobiography spanning ten years of Marina's life-journey. We follow her from the time she would never be caught without makeup and stilettos, to where she became comfy with her sandals and now really loves being herself and barefoot. An inspiration to all women who think they need to be perfect in the eyes of the world, but long to just let go and be loved for who they are when they don't have their daily masks plastered on. This book is available in both Afrikaans and English.

Marina and her husband, André, are currently serving as missionaries in Thailand. They serve in one of the most remote areas where tourism and entertainment are non-existent, but where there is an abundance of grace and mercy of Abba Father being lavished on people who are lost, oppressed and whom have known only darkness until now.

Kaalvoetspore... Nou beskikbaar!

In Kaalvoetspore neem Marina ons op 'n reis deur die vrug van die Gees met antwoorde op naamlose vroue se vrae, gedigte en interessante wyshede. Sy wys ons hoe die vrug op 'n praktiese manier uitgeleef kan word.

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