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What can we do for you?

No project is too big or too small

Publishing & co-publishing of

faith-based books


- Copy editing

- Layout

- ISBN registration

- Reproduction

- Print brokering

- Proofreading

- Basic social media advertising

- Online sales

- Amazon paperback and e-Books

- Marketing (outsourced)

- Distribution to certain book shops

- Translation (English/Afrikaans only)

- Transcription

- Ghostwriting (new)

- Graphic design (by Creatio Media)

- Illustrations (by Creatio Media)

*Be sure to visit our Online Shop.


Editing & Proofreading

- Blogs

- Websites

- Articles

- Essays

- Short stories

- Books

In a nutshell

"Helping writers fulfil their calling with excellence."


Whether a sentence, a blog, an article, an essay, a thesis, a short story or a book, we'll help you by copy editing, translating and proofreading your work, perfecting your layout, designing the perfect cover, assisting with all the printing administration and registration processes. We can even co-publish your book*.


We can assist with English and Afrikaans documents.


Contact us for your personalised plan.


*The fine print

Audience of One Media reserves the right to accept or decline co-publication at any stage of a project.


Co-published books bear the Audience of One Media logo and we will proudly represent you as your publisher. You retain copyright, as you assist with payment for copy editing, layout and cover design, final reproduction, printing, etc.


Limited social media and online advertising are included for free, and we will give you a free page on this website and add your book to our online store**.

**We will send you a standard agreement letter that explains the process and costs involved.

There are three basic ways to publish books - our mandate is currently no. 2 in the list below:

  1. Self-publishing is where authors do and pay everything themselves. 

  2. Co-publishing is where the author pays for (our) services, such as editing, layout, design, production, printing, sales, and marketing to produce and present the book in an excellent, professional way. 

  3. Traditional publishers pay for everything and thus carry all the risk, the author will only receive a small portion of the profits, but these publishers usually have a much wider reach. 

Our long-term vision is to become a full-fledged publishing company, and we have published some of the titles in our catalogue, as the Lord had led us, the "traditional" way.

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