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Derdré Healey approached her friends, clients, ministry partners and mentors, and in this beautiful book, filled with full-colour images and photos, they share their testimonies, faith journeys, lessons learnt, and valuable insights gained over years of finding that deeper, more intimate relationship with God. In her purpose as massage therapist, as well as facilitator of the well-known and loved Zoe International courses, she has been witnessing the Lord changing many lives.


These honest and touching stories will revive your hope and faith and bring you to that place of refreshment where God is the Living Water... but you can now read them for yourself. Even the well-known Elizabeth Campbell, author of best-selling novel, The Choice, and a dear friend of Derdré, shares her story since after writing her book that has changed so many lives.

Filled with facts and explanations of the symbolic meanings of Biblical oils, this book will not only touch your heart with stories, but it will open your eyes to yet another level of our Abba Father's word. Here you will learn how He can use nature to nurture.

OASIS - a place of refreshment

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  • Format and No. of pages

    Paperback (soft-touch lamination with full-colour images), 219 pages. 

  • ISBN (Printed book)


  • Author

    Derdré Healey

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