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Through the Fire – Book One of the Fire Series


When Anna Bauman travelled from Cape Town to Greece for her dream holiday and met the charming American with the mysterious job, she could only hope that she would look into those green eyes again, but over the years hope faded.


Sam Macmillan had one dream: to join the Special Unit of an organisation called AHTT (Against Human Trafficking and Terrorism), fighting a fierce battle all over the world to end this horrible form of slavery. He never imagined it would lead him across the globe to the woman in his nightmare that had been haunting him for the last twenty years. The woman who needed his help. The one he was supposed to save.


Life takes Anna through triumphs and challenges, sweeping love and terrible loss, adventure and purpose, but through the fire she has to learn what true faith in God really means.

Will her faith withstand the ultimate fire?


Antoinette Kloppers brings us this exciting debut novel, the first in the Fire series of faith-based novels that will open your eyes to the terrible world of human trafficking, all while introducing a bunch of inspiring and interesting characters whom we will follow throughout this romantic, action-filled series that spans over decades, each playing a vital role in God’s kingdom, trying to make a difference in the world around them.


Antoinette currently lives in beautiful Cape Town, South Africa.

Through the Fire

  • Author

    Antoinette Kloppers

  • Format and No. of pages

    Paperback, 279 pages

  • ISBN (Printed book)


  • Genre

    Christian Fiction

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