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To Jump or Not to Jump

Years ago, when I just got married, we were living in Randburg, Gauteng. Our bedroom had big windows that could have doubled as doors, as there were no burglar bars. One night I had a dream. Definitely a dream from the Lord. I dreamed that I was standing next to this big window in my bedroom, it was open, and Lucifer was also standing inside the room, but at the bedroom door. He wasn't scary or ugly, just a man, but I knew it was him. He said to me, 'Elaine, you can either jump out the window, trusting that God would catch you, or you can take my hand, and things will stay just as they are and life will carry on just as it is.'

I looked out the window and saw that the view had changed to a cliff side, so deep and covered with misty clouds, that I couldn't see the bottom. My stomach lurched. I looked back at him, standing there with an outstretched hand, but I knew that I couldn't trust him. I looked back at the bottomless gorge outside and I climbed on the ledge, just knowing that if I choose Lucifer, I am NOT choosing God. If I jump, I am choosing to trust God, no matter what. So, I jumped... it felt like I was falling forever. I fell through the clouds, saw the ocean underneath me coming closer very fast. Then I hit the water and sank. I looked up, frantically trying to swim back to the surface. Finally, I broke through the water... and saw Him. Jesus, in a small fisherman's boat, with His hand stretched out to pull me inside the boat. I took it and He took me to the beach, where I got out... and woke up.

A year ago that dream became reality. I was safe, in my ordinary life, with my golden handcuffs: pretty, comfortable, yet binding. I decided to jump and trust in God.

In two days' time, it will be a year since I handed in my resignation and started free-falling, trusting in Father God. I know that Jesus is here, His hand is always stretched out, helping me into the fisherman's boat. I am supposed to be here. Although I sometimes feel as though I might sink, I know that I will be rescued if the water becomes too deep. I am not on the beach yet, but I believe the dream was prophetic.

Why else would God remind me of it?

What promise has God made to you? What are you holding on to? Whatever it is, do not give up. Remember His promises, stand on His promises. And you will reach that beautiful beach with Him.

Jeremiah 29:11 "For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." (NIV)

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