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Don't Despise Small Beginnings

Earlier today I read a FaceBook post that said "You cannot have an Oak Tree without planting an acorn", so true, isn't it? We all want to have that instant big return, the big harvest, but we need to remember that everything starts with a seed. It takes time to grow. But what is important is this: What you put in, is what you get out. Thankfully, in the realm of our Lord, you will get out much more than what you originally put in, because of His favour! Genesis 26:12 tells of Isaac who reaped hundredfold because of God's blessing. Matthew 13:23 promises up to a hundredfold, IF we sow in good soil, or rather, if God's word "falls" in good soil in our hearts. We cannot expect good returns if our efforts aren't based on truth, righteousness, obedience and perseverance. We shouldn't despise the process of growth. In our modern day living, we want everything NOW, quickly, instantly. Good things take time to take proper shape, to build proper foundations are vital.

One of our books, The Kingdom Way of Life, teaches about 12 principles we need to consider when living this life in God's Kingdom. Each one of them are vital to build your life, your vision, your family, your faith in a manner that God will bless a hundredfold.

God showed me I am violating one of the principles, namely the Principle of Rest. In my hurry to get everything done - to build a business, to study for my degree, to be a wife, a mom, a sister and a friend. If I want to be and do all of this in a way that He can bless, I need to slow down and let go a little - at least one day a week ;-)

Don't despise the small beginning, the process and the effort. Good things take time. Rushing it won't add to the blessing. Trusting God's way, breathing in and out once in a while and letting Him show you the miracle of a hundredfold, will be way more rewarding in the long run.

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