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Cutting Corners

Besides the shower and my bedroom, the place where I hear the voice of Holy Spirit the best, is when I jog. On Friday, my Coach (yes, Holy Spirit is the best Coach in any area of life) told me to quit cutting the corners when I jog. Not something you want to hear when you're tired and just want to get home as fast as your wobbly legs can take you.

I didn't need to ask what He meant, because I was in the middle of the road, rounding a corner at that moment. But I did ask Him why.

"If you cut the corners, you don't run the full 5km. Every time, when you get to the end, you have to add a few metres to get to the full 5km and by then you are exhausted. If you don't cut the corners on the way, then you don't feel it at the very end. In fact, you might be surprised."

Hmmm... Okay, then...

So, I didn't cut the corners and ran straight over to the opposite side of the road (always keep right when you're a pedestrian) and then made the 90 degree turn each time.

Lo' and behold... I ended up running 5.15km doing the same route.

While I was still running, the thought of cutting corners in life hit me. I honestly don't think I do cut corners (intentionally), but I do heed and submit to the warning.

Starting a new business is full of difficult decisions that need to be made every day. Making the wisest decisions on clients’ behalf can be tricky. Cutting corners to save time or money but compromising on quality might very well have become a true temptation in certain circumstances, especially when a deadline or budget is tight. Thankfully, Holy Spirit is our very own personal Wise Counsellor and tells us about things to come. If we consult Him in every decision and not take the easier, shorter route (even by a few steps) we won’t have to add more emergency steps at the end of each project, desperately trying to get to the desired result... everything will be perfect already!


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